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Did you know that more than 95% of the cotton-top tamarin’s habitat has been lost due to urban and agricultural expansion, and what forest remains is at risk as people continue to cut down trees?  Annually, thousands of young trees are cut to be used as fence posts to surround farmland and livestock.  Proyecto Tití is working with local farmers and communities to find solutions that eliminate the need to harvest trees to build fences.

What lasts for at least 50 years, can withstand the force of a cow, is made from recycled plastic, and helps saves trees for tamarins?   A Tití Post!  We’ve teamed up with Colombian communities to collect plastic bottles, bags, and jugs that would otherwise end up polluting the environment.  In return, community members are paid for their collection efforts, and this would-be-litter is recycled and turned into Tití Posts!

Help us protect the forest the cotton-top tamarin calls home. By purchasing Tití Posts, you are helping keep trees in the forest by assisting local Colombian communities generate income to support their families and reduce their dependency on forest resources.

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