Cotton-tops and Carnaval in Colombia!

The annual Carnaval celebration along the Caribbean coast of Colombia is a vibrant cultural extravaganza, boasting colorful dances, folklore, music, adorned floats, and ranking among the region's grandest festivals. Each year, local communities craft their own Carnaval spectaculars, spotlighting the rich cultural heritage unique to the area. With thousands of attendees, it serves as an amazing showcase of regional pride. Meeting Ana Carolina, the reigning Queen of Carnaval in San Juan Nepomuceno, was a highlight. Ana, a dedicated participant in numerous Proyecto Tití programs, has wholeheartedly embraced the teachings. Her dedication was evident as she created her float for the parade, insisting on prominently featuring cotton-top tamarins alongside other cherished cultural symbols of San Juan.


In Luruaco, amidst the parade festivities, Virna paused her dance routine to embrace Johana, her CARTITILLA instructor, with overwhelming excitement. She couldn't contain her pride in witnessing numerous references to cotton-top tamarins in the local parade, proclaiming, "We're all dancing for cotton-tops!"


No Carnaval is complete without the appearance of Tito Tití, a coveted guest at these celebrations. Tito's agility allows him to travel with remarkable ease between community gatherings, delighting attendees with spirited dances and photo opportunities. While Tito adds to the festive atmosphere, his presence serves as a crucial reminder that cotton-top tamarins are not pets but rather animals of the forest, reliant on our collective efforts to protect their forest home.


The significant involvement of cotton-top tamarins in Carnaval celebrations across local communities fills us with pride. It underscores the unwavering commitment of communities to preserve these unique primates and signifies the widespread support and dedication toward effecting positive change.