Cotton-Top Tamarin Adventure Experiences


Colombia is a tropical paradise and is the only place on earth where you can see the cotton-top tamarin in its forest home.  With less than 7,500 cotton-top tamarins left in the wild, Proyecto Tití’s award winning conservation program is leading efforts to protect this Critically Endangered monkey in Colombia and we want you to be a part of an exclusive group of people to see this monkey in its natural habitat. With our expert naturalists, join us for an exciting adventure as we take you to places where Proyecto Tití is working to save cotton-tops.  Visit communities that have made protecting cotton-tops a priority, sample some locally grown products, and shop to help save wildlife.  Join us in helping to save cotton-top tamarins!


Cotton-top Tamarin Nature Adventure in Los Límites 

Your adventure begins in Los Límites, Atlántico near the Caribbean coast of Colombia.  Enjoy a 3 mile hike and discover the magic of the tropical dry forest of northern Colombia.  You will hike on trails that are designed to provide you with opportunities to see some unique flora and fauna from the region and meet a monkey found only in Colombia, the cotton-top tamarin!  Get your cameras ready for some beautiful photos of cotton-tops in the forest and listen to them vocalize as you learn to “speak tamarin” and decode the meaning of those chirps and whistles.  These tiny monkeys will amaze and delight you with their antics and their curiosity!  You will likely see other animals, so grab your binoculars to spot spectacular birds, butterflies, and a host of other animals  that call this beautiful forest home.   Enjoy some time with local farmers and see some of the crops that are important for this region of the world and how eco-friendly agriculture practices are being used to help protect the forests cotton-tops call home.  As you enjoy lunch made especially for you, meet our United National Development Program award winning artisans that will share how their lives have changed for the better by creating beautiful, hand-made, tote bags crocheted from recycled plastic bags.  Working with Colombian fashion designers, you can now find their products on the runway and in stores throughout Colombia!  Creating beach bags, beautiful purses, or large hand bags suitable for any day of the week, these artisans will share their story and show you how they create such beautiful works of art.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet community conservation leaders that have created small businesses that not only benefit local communities, but wildlife.  Get ready to shop for more products made locally and know that your purchases help to support communities committed to conserving cotton-tops.


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