The TITI SHOW Is On the Road!

Our goal is to reach new communities with the message that cotton-top tamarins are not pets.  So, we have created the TITI SHOW which is a series of programs that will be provided to communities to gain their support to ensure that cotton-top tamarins remain in their forest home.  Through a series of programs that begin with our TITIRITEANDO puppet show followed by more activities and presentations, children in some of the most remote areas that do not have access to conservation education programs will learn about cotton-tops and how they can do their part to protect them.  We are excited to reach these new communities as our team travels to new destinations within the historic distribution of Colombia.  Our goal is for Proyecto Tití to expand our reach and spread our message to new communities in the departments of Atlántico, Bolivar, Sucre, Cordoba, and Antioquia!