Community Programs in the Time of COVID

Our radio talk show, “ Amigos del Titi” have really gotten people involved in new and exciting ways.  Taxis and moto-taxis have advertised the radio program and everyone is interested in creating cotton-top tamarin friendly communities that support keeping cotton-tops in the wild and not in their homes.


 In the Cotton-tops are Not Pets series, we challenged our listeners to show their support and we were so excited to see the outcomes!  The women who make arepas in Luruaco, have taken it to a new level of involvement.  With their aprons on,  the vendors who sell arepas are doing their best to share the message!

Lurdis Manotas, she has created this amazing display made from the corn meal used to make arepas that she proudly shares at her store.

After listening to the show Tivizay  created her own sign that she has proudly placed in her yard that cotton-tops are not pets! !  It’s a family thing … everyone in Tivizay’s family is dedicated to making sure cotton-tops stay in the forest.


We invited members of our team, local artisans, farmers, and students from our various community programs to share their stories of how they are helping to protect cotton-tops. It was so exciting to hear them share their personal stories of how cotton-tops have played such an important role in their lives.  Whether they are now making plush cotton-top toys, or are student community leaders planting trees, or are artists painting murals on the walls in their homes, everyone shows their love for cotton-tops! 

Just to make it fun, we had contests for people to answer questions and win prizes.  Kids had a lot of fun sharing their knowledge about cotton-top winning prizes of hats, school supplies, and t-shirts and adults had some more challenging questions and won a week’s worth of groceries! Nothing brings our team more joy than seeing such happy faces beneath those masks!  We are so proud of the impact Proyecto Titi has had in local communities.  People are committed to helping and making a difference for wildlife.