Champetitiando: Dancing for Cotton-tops!

What better way to share your commitment to not having cotton-tops as pets than by sharing your dance moves?  Proyecto Tití commissioned the creation of a song with lyrics about the importance of protecting cotton-tops set to the musical style of Champeta and choreography to get everyone dancing!  With Champetitiando dance challenges involving school children designed to get kids to add their own interpretation to the dance and a Tik Tok Champetitiano Dance challenge involving people from around the world dancing for cotton-tops, a fun time was had by all!

 School children competed to earn prizes and to share their knowledge and commitment to not having cotton-tops as pets.  It was so very difficult to choose winners in each of the age categories, but we did.  

 Creativity, Cotton-tops, and of Course Cupcakes!

With the focus on keeping cotton-top tamarins out of the pet trade, Proyecto  Tití hosted craft days where kids created a cotton-top they could keep in their home!  Cute paper cotton-tops tamarins toys made from recycled materials and masks were made so that kids could create a cotton-top to play with each and every day.  Kids learned about the importance of keeping cotton-tops in their forest home and the best cotton-top to have in their own home was one that they had created!

Kids had a lot of fun learning to draw cotton-tops, make masks and toys, but they really loved learning how to frost a cupcake and create their very own cotton-top tamarin cupcake with a message of how cotton-tops are not pets.  It was a fun experience and a very tasty treat for these kids!



As part of these activities, all the kids watched a puppet show that involved a a trip to the forest with the cotton-tops and learning why cotton-tops should remain in the forest and not in their homes. Following the show, the kids become part of the Tití Tribe promising not to keep cotton-tops as pets.


Cotton-tops in the Community

Since we couldn’t bring our communities together to celebrate due to the pandemic, we brought the celebration to the communities!   Our Tití caravan, complete with Tito Tití, drove through the streets of the communities encouraging everyone to dance on their doorsteps or in the streets.  Champetitiando was playing all through the communities and everyone joined in the celebration.


We also helped local artists showcase their talents as they painted murals highlighting the need to keep cotton-tops out of the pet trade.  These talented artists showed their love and dedication to conserving cotton-tops and now everyone in the community can see how important it is to protect these amazing animals and their forest home.