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Titi Tidbids September 2017 Edition

Titi Tidbids September 2017 Edition


AMIGUAU has begun in Santa Catalina and we are so very happy that John Thomton and Alejandra Aramburo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom are here to help train our team.
John and Ale have brought their animal training expertise so that our education team can become effective dog trainers! 

Training dogs?  Yes, that’s what AMIGUAU is all about!  We are teaching children how to care for and train their dogs so that they will prefer to have a dog as a pet rather than a cotton-top! 
Our education team will not only work with the children to train their dogs, but they also spend quite a bit of time sharing why cotton-tops should remain in the forest with their families and not in the homes of people.

   Wait until you see what these children and dogs can do!  Thanks to John and Ale for sharing their passion and expertise in animal training with us and for creating a better life for dogs and saving cotton-tops!  

    The governor of the department of Atlántico, Eduardo Verano, and the governor of Bolívar, Dumek Turbay, recently announced, through the signing on an Memorandum of Understanding,  that they will work together to create a regional protected reserve totaling nearly 20,000 acres (8,000 ha) that will conserve some of the last remaining dry tropical forests for cotton-top tamarins!    

This announcement has received the support of Colombia’s Ministry of Environment Luis Murillo, and also of our President Juan Manuel Santos, who was recently honored by the National Geographic Society for his commitment to conserving and expanding the protected area network in Colombia. 

We see in this initiative, a great opportunity to increase the impact of Proyecto Tití’s efforts to protect this unique and critically endangered primate, and to provide local communities with more opportunities to strengthen their commitment to protecting our natural resources for generations to come! 



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Position Statement

Proyecto Tití's Position Statement on nonhuman primates in the Media

WHEREAS live nonhuman primates are often portrayed in the media as frivolous caricatures of humans, dressed in clothing and trained to do tricks on command for the amusement of the general public but with disregard to the welfare and conservation consequences; and
WHEREAS many nonhuman primates used as actors in movies and television and as photo props for commercials and greeting cards are often removed from their mothers shortly after birth and are denied opportunities for normal social and psychological development; and
WHEREAS the use of nonhuman primates in this industry often involves aversive techniques to maintain control of these animals; and
WHEREAS the inappropriate portrayal of nonhuman primates inaccurately conveys their biology and conservation status and may affect public attitudes including those in range countries where interactions with these animals have potential damaging consequences; and
WHEREAS evidence suggests that many nonhuman primate species are susceptible to many of the pathogenic infections that afflict humans and the transmission of infection can occur in both directions, especially in performing circumstances in which primates are in direct proximity with public audiences including children and the elderly,
Proyecto Titi Inc. and Fundacion Proyecto Titi therefore opposes the use of nonhuman primates as performers, photo props or actors.