Education and Awareness Campaigns Have Made a Difference!

In 1987, Proyecto Tití embarked on a mission to protect the cotton-top tamarins, a critically endangered species found only in Colombia. The organization's initial survey in the town of Colosó revealed a disheartening truth: a mere 10% of the community could correctly identify these tiny primates or were aware of their critically endangered status. Mistakenly believing that cotton-top tamarins were widespread across the globe, the lack of awareness became a catalyst for Proyecto Tití to launch an extensive education and public awareness campaign, aimed at incorporating cotton-top tamarins into the daily public conversation. 

Through a multifaceted approach encompassing school programs, community events, press coverage, social media engagement, and various other opportunities, Proyecto Tití diligently worked towards garnering attention and support for cotton-top tamarins in Colombia. Recently, we conducted a comprehensive survey involving nearly 900 individuals from 18 cities in northern Colombia. Participants were asked to select three animals they would like to see as mascots for a soccer team—a sport deeply ingrained in Colombian culture, with animal logos being a common feature.

The results of the survey brought immense joy and excitement to Proyecto Tití. Notably, cotton-top tamarins secured the fifth spot among the selected wild animals. This remarkable achievement signifies a growing recognition and appreciation for these primates as potential symbols of team spirit and determination. Even more encouraging is the fact that when participants were asked to identify an endangered species in Colombia, cotton-top tamarins ranked third. This reaffirms the effectiveness of Proyecto Tití's endeavors to instill a sense of empathy and concern for these endangered primates, as they gradually occupy a significant place in the minds and hearts of many Colombians.

The tireless efforts of Proyecto Tití are beginning to bear fruit, as cotton-top tamarins experience a surge in popularity and support. By bridging the gap between communities and conservation, Proyecto Tití’s education and awareness campaigns have paved the way for increased understanding and proactive efforts to protect these critically endangered primates. The rising prominence of cotton-top tamarins serves as a testament to the power of collective action and the potential to shape a brighter future for endangered species.

As Proyecto Tití's initiatives continue to make an impact, it remains evident that the journey towards preserving the cotton-top tamarins is far from over. However, with growing public awareness, heartfelt enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to conservation, the prospects for conserving these charismatic little monkeys and their natural habitats are brighter than ever before.