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It All Began in the Classroom …


Cristian Cervantes was born in San Juan Nepomuceno and enjoyed spending time at his grandfather’s farm when he was a child.  In fact, the farm is where is saw his very first cotton-top tamarin in the nearby forest.  He didn’t think very much about this tiny monkey until he was in high school and learned about cotton-top tamarins in the CARTITILLA program.  He couldn’t believe that this was the same monkey he saw as a child!  As he learned more about cotton-top tamarins he became very passionate about wanting to do something to help them.  He was committed to not having cotton-tops as pets and wanted to protect the forest and not cut down any trees that the monkeys needed to survive.  Following graduation, he continued to live in San Juan and worked in the community, but he felt he was still missing something, until he heard about the forest restoration work that Proyecto Tití was doing.  He now works as part of the team that is planting trees in the various restoration sites that comprise Los Tities de San Juan.  What is most rewarding is that Cristian is planting trees in the area that his family has sold to be included as part of the forest expansion program.  He and his family and leaving an amazing legacy so that cotton-top tamarins and native wildlife in this region can thrive.



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