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Celebrating the Month of the Cotton-top Tamarin

The community of Los Límites, home to our first celebration has hosted their event to include many fun activities with kids displaying their creativity in ways to show their dedication to cotton-top tamarin conservation.  Through dance, storytelling, and beautiful displays of creativity everyone had fun celebrating cotton-top tamarins and this community’s dedication to protecting cotton-top tamarins.  Meet Deily Cardoza who has been selected to be the cotton-top tamarin queen.  Get ready to meet her and her friends when you visit Los Límites.  She will welcome you to her community and tell you all about cotton-tops and why they should not be kept as pets!


As we reached out to more communities this year, we gave kids the opportunity to choose the only cotton-top tamarin that should be in their homes …. a cotton-top tamarin cookie!  Kids had a great time decorating cookies and learning why cotton-top tamarins need to remain in the forest.  This was a very tasty reminder that only cotton-top tamarin cookies should be allowed in their homes.





We brought more adults into our celebration by introducing cotton-top tamarin rumbaterapia, dance moves and stretches inspired by cotton-top tamarins to get everyone moving and exercising while learning about cotton-top tamarins!  It was a big hit to get everyone outside stretching and using dancing moves inspired by cotton-top tamarins.  Of course, it wouldn’t be dancing unless it ended with learning the CHAMPETITIANDO to really get your heart pumping!



There is nothing like seeing all of our hard work in teaching kids to save the forest for cotton-top tamarins come to fruition. This year, students from the CARTITILLA program learned how to grow a tree that will produce fruit for cotton-top tamarins from a seed.  They learned how to germinate the seed, care for the seedling, and watch it grow until it was ready to be planted in Los Tities de San Juan Forest Reserve at the edge of the forest.  These students were so excited to plant their trees knowing that they would grow and become part of the forest that is home to cotton-top tamarins.  Some of the students kept a journal of the experience and read a short story to their tree wishing it to grow deep roots and produce lots of fruit for cotton-tops!  They were so excited to be able to do their part in ensuring a future for cotton-tops.




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