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Saving Trees and Protecting Forests for Cotton-top Tamarins

In 2017, Proyecto Tití decided to  protect forested areas near Los Colorados National Park (2,500 acres), one of the largest forests for cotton-top tamarins in northern Colombia. The park was surrounded by private landowners and the region was a mosaic of isolated forest patches, making it difficult for cotton-top tamarins to move through the area. In an effort to connect these small forest patches to the larger park, Proyecto Titi decided to work with local farmers to dedicate a portion of the forested land on their property as part of a conservation agreements. The farmers would protect the forest and in return they would receive additional benefits such as training in sustainable agricultural practices, supplies, and equipment that would help them increase their agricultural yield.  In addition, Proyecto Tití established Los Titíes de San Juan Forest Reserve that is adjacent to Los Colorados National Park. Since it was established in 2017, Los Titíes has grown to nearly 1,200 acres in just 5 short years!  

We need your help in restoring some of Los Titíes de San Juan land to forests for cotton-tops! Our recently acquired property was cattle pasture and it is in need of restoration. That means our team will go out and conduct a soil evaluation and develop a planting scheme so that we can begin adding trees from our nursery to this area. We have started more than 25,000 seedlings in our plant nursery as we prepare to grow trees that can be planted in this area. However, before we can plant the young saplings, we need to fence off the area using TITI POSTS, fence posts made from recycled plastic, to keep our trees safe from domestic animals that are in the area. We need 500 TITI POSTS to fence the restoration area and need your help to purchase them. Please consider making a donation today to buy TITI POSTS. 


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