Tití Ventures

Families in rural communities live in poverty and are dependent upon extracting resources from the forest to survive.  Proyecto Tití has worked with local communities to develop alternatives that help to generate an income and build successful eco-friendly businesses.


Bindes and Titi Leña are both ways local families can protect cotton-top tamarin habitat. Bindes are small cook stoves that burn fuel more efficiently. Tití leña are briquettes made from recycled paper, compost and sawdust that burns like firewood. When used together, families can drastically reduce the number of trees that are cut from the forest.

Learn to build your own binde.


Recycling plastic in local communities leads to the creation of new, environmentally friendly businesses.  Fence posts made from recycled plastic are used instead of wooden posts. These last longer and are more durable options for farmers.


An “eco-mochila” is a traditional bag used in Colombia that is hand-made by women in the village of Los Limites, near Proyecto Tití’s field site in Santa Catalina, Colombia. It is hand-made and created entirely from recycled plastic bags. The production of these bags helps to reduce the amount of plastic in the local landfills and to create a sustainable local economy that minimizes their impact on the natural resources of the area. Eco-mochilas generate income that helps women support their families while reducing their dependency on forest resources.

Purchase an eco-mochila today to support local Colombian communities the conservation of the cotton-top tamarin in Colombia.


Local artisans in Colombia have created this plush cotton-top tamarin as a way to generate income for their families instead of capturing monkeys for the illegal pet trade.

Purchase a plush tamarin today to support local Colombian communities the conservation of the cotton-top tamarin in Colombia.


ASOARTESANAS is a women's artisans cooperative.  After receiving training on small business management and how to make eco-mochilas and cotton-top tamarin toys, these women engage their entire community in the process of making bags and plush toys. Everyone in the village helps collect plastic bags so they can be reused and crocheted into eco-mochilas. One eco-mochila is made of 100-120 plastic bags.

To date, ASOARTESANAS has recycled more than 3 million plastic bags and has recently been awarded the Equator Prize and Received Special Recognition in Waste and Pollution Management by the United Nations Development Program.


Artisan Crocheting Eco-Mochila
© Lisa Hoffner
Artisan with Plush Cotton-top
© Proyecto Tití
Cotton-top Tamarin Conservation Center
© Proyecto Tití

With the help from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, the artisans also built the “Cotton-top Tamarin
Conservation Center” so that visitors can learn about their efforts to protect cotton-tops.