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Join Proyecto Tití as we help protect the critically endangered cotton-top tamarin, or "titi", a small monkey found only in the forests of northern Colombia. They need your help to save their forest homes. Help us by buying a Titi Post, to save trees for tamarins!
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Why do we need your help with Titi Posts?

The Proyecto Tití habitat restoration program is taking root and we need your help protecting the future tamarin habitat.
Our team is planting the seedlings for new trees for the cotton-tops. With more trees providing food and homes to the tamarins, we can play a direct role in supporting a larger population of this critically endangered species in the future.

Check out our progress so far:
We’re proud of our progress and are working hard on expanding the forests and connecting cotton-top habitats. Thank you for joining our efforts to protect their dwindling forests by buying a Titi Post!
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Position Statement

Proyecto Tití's Position Statement on nonhuman primates in the Media

WHEREAS live nonhuman primates are often portrayed in the media as frivolous caricatures of humans, dressed in clothing and trained to do tricks on command for the amusement of the general public but with disregard to the welfare and conservation consequences; and
WHEREAS many nonhuman primates used as actors in movies and television and as photo props for commercials and greeting cards are often removed from their mothers shortly after birth and are denied opportunities for normal social and psychological development; and
WHEREAS the use of nonhuman primates in this industry often involves aversive techniques to maintain control of these animals; and
WHEREAS the inappropriate portrayal of nonhuman primates inaccurately conveys their biology and conservation status and may affect public attitudes including those in range countries where interactions with these animals have potential damaging consequences; and
WHEREAS evidence suggests that many nonhuman primate species are susceptible to many of the pathogenic infections that afflict humans and the transmission of infection can occur in both directions, especially in performing circumstances in which primates are in direct proximity with public audiences including children and the elderly,
Proyecto Titi Inc. and Fundacion Proyecto Titi therefore opposes the use of nonhuman primates as performers, photo props or actors.