About Proyecto Tití

Proyecto Tití is a multi-disciplinary on-site conservation program that combines field research, education initiatives and community programs to make the conservation of natural resources economically feasible for local communities in Colombia. The program is designed to provide useful information to assist in the long-term preservation of the cotton-top tamarin and to develop local community advocates to promote conservation efforts in Colombia.


Since its inception in 1985, Proyecto Tití has been committed to raising public awareness to the plight of the cotton-top tamarin through a variety of projects involving numerous individuals and organizations. The field program began in Colosó in 1987 and in 1999 the field program was moved to Santa Catalina at Hacienda El Ceibal. The field staff is composed of Colombian biologists and field assistants who are responsible for the daily operations of both the field and educational aspects of the program managed under our Colombian non-profit organization Fundación Proyecto Tití. Latin American students are also provided with training in field biology and grass-roots conservation methods.

According to Dr. Anne Savage, the founder of Proyecto Tití, Developing effective long-term conservation programs requires more than just scientific studies. It requires a multidisciplinary approach that combines:

◾Field research
◾Effective scientific assessments of habitats
◾Community programs that involve local people in culturally relevant, action-based programs

Making the conservation of natural habitats and resources economically feasible for local communities will insure the survival of not only the cotton-top tamarin, but the native flora and fauna of Colombia. The goal, is to use the cotton-top tamarin as the flagship species for the conservation of Colombia’s natural resources.

Field Team Member Using VHF Radio Telemetry to Track Wild Cotton-tops
© Chase Pickering
Dr. Anne Savage
© Lisa Hoffner
Rosamira Guillen
© Federico Pardo

Rosamira Guillen, Executive Director of Fundación Proyecto Tití sees Proyecto Tití “as a model for effective conservation programs in Colombia. The team’s commitment to not only save this critically endangered primate but to provide opportunities for local communities to learn and get involved with the conservation of this little monkey, will make a life-long difference in the lives of many Colombians.”