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Special Titi Tidbits November

The holiday season is here, and there are so many ways you can celebrate the holidays with cotton-top tamarins in mind! Check out these ideas that not only bring holiday cheer to you and your family, but help conserve cotton-top tamarins too!


Proyecto Titi is partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Rainforest Trust  in a mission to provide one of the largest gifts to cotton-top tamarins yet. Click the banner above to learn about our mission and help contribute to our campaign. Together, we can save a forest.





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Eco-Friendly Gifts


Proyecto Titi supports local Colombian artisans who make a variety of products, from eco-mochilla bags and bracelets, to plush toys suitable for kids. Consider an eco-mochila as an eco-friendly gift this holiday season.


The Eco-Mochila Delux

This eco-mochilla was hand-crocheted by women in the village of Los Limites in Santa Catalina, Colombia. It is durable, water resistant, and made from 120 recycled plastic bags. This gift is a great way to support Colombian communities who are working to protect the cotton-top tamarins.




Amazon Smile is the same as Same prices, same products. But there's one huge difference: when you purchase your same products through Amazon Smile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will make a donation to Proyecto Titi. 

It's simple. Check out Amazon Smile, choose Proyecto Titi as your charitable organization, and start shopping. With eligable purchases, you're helping to save cotton-top tamarins. 



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Position Statement

Proyecto Tití's Position Statement on nonhuman primates in the Media

WHEREAS live nonhuman primates are often portrayed in the media as frivolous caricatures of humans, dressed in clothing and trained to do tricks on command for the amusement of the general public but with disregard to the welfare and conservation consequences; and
WHEREAS many nonhuman primates used as actors in movies and television and as photo props for commercials and greeting cards are often removed from their mothers shortly after birth and are denied opportunities for normal social and psychological development; and
WHEREAS the use of nonhuman primates in this industry often involves aversive techniques to maintain control of these animals; and
WHEREAS the inappropriate portrayal of nonhuman primates inaccurately conveys their biology and conservation status and may affect public attitudes including those in range countries where interactions with these animals have potential damaging consequences; and
WHEREAS evidence suggests that many nonhuman primate species are susceptible to many of the pathogenic infections that afflict humans and the transmission of infection can occur in both directions, especially in performing circumstances in which primates are in direct proximity with public audiences including children and the elderly,
Proyecto Titi Inc. and Fundacion Proyecto Titi therefore opposes the use of nonhuman primates as performers, photo props or actors.