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Titi Tidbits June 2018


Hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

We are happy to join families all around the world celebrating the fathers in our lives. Thank you to the dads of Proyecto Tití who work hard to make our conservation efforts successful while also raising their family. Thank you for inspiring your children to love cotton-tops and the environment! We hope you enjoy your special day!

Newborn cotton-top tamarins are literally attached to their dad, Papi Tití! Their tiny fingers and toes grip his fur tightly as he perches on a branch high above the ground or as he runs and jumps from tree to tree in the forest. It can be a wild ride for these tiny babies, so they need to hold on tight while dad is on the move!

Babies spend their first few months riding on the back of their caregivers climbing on mom to nurse and then finding their way to dad to take a nap.
Napping is easy when the entire family is resting, but it is a bit more challenging trying to sleep when dad decides he is hungry and starts looking for tasty fruit or chasing a cricket!
As the babies grow, they learn to walk on their own, taking a few steps, but always staying very close to dad. When something startles them, they jump on dad! Dad’s are extremely patient. When it is time to play and their brothers and sisters aren’t around, who do they like to tease? Why dear ol’ Papi Tití of course!
So, we at Proyecto Tití want to say “Thanks Papi Tití!” for taking care of your babies so well! You are carrying the future of this critically endangered monkey on your back, and we are working hard to help you to ensure a future for them in Colombia!

So wish Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s you know, and share the story of Papi Tití with your friends and family.
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Proyecto Tití's mission is to conserve Colombia's most critically endangered primate, the cotton-top tamarin, through scientific studies, community education and development programs, and protecting tropical forest habitats. For more information

Proyecto Tití works in collaboration and with the permission of CARDIQUE to develop effective conservation programs for cotton-top tamarins.

Special Thanks To...

Proyecto Tití is grateful to Hacienda "El Ceibal" for their continuous support of cotton-top tamarin conservation efforts.
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Position Statement

Proyecto Tití's Position Statement on nonhuman primates in the Media

WHEREAS live nonhuman primates are often portrayed in the media as frivolous caricatures of humans, dressed in clothing and trained to do tricks on command for the amusement of the general public but with disregard to the welfare and conservation consequences; and
WHEREAS many nonhuman primates used as actors in movies and television and as photo props for commercials and greeting cards are often removed from their mothers shortly after birth and are denied opportunities for normal social and psychological development; and
WHEREAS the use of nonhuman primates in this industry often involves aversive techniques to maintain control of these animals; and
WHEREAS the inappropriate portrayal of nonhuman primates inaccurately conveys their biology and conservation status and may affect public attitudes including those in range countries where interactions with these animals have potential damaging consequences; and
WHEREAS evidence suggests that many nonhuman primate species are susceptible to many of the pathogenic infections that afflict humans and the transmission of infection can occur in both directions, especially in performing circumstances in which primates are in direct proximity with public audiences including children and the elderly,
Proyecto Titi Inc. and Fundacion Proyecto Titi therefore opposes the use of nonhuman primates as performers, photo props or actors.