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A Conservation Hero

Ana Isabel Arroyo Receives

Disney Conservation Hero Award

Ana Isabel Arroyo, the president of the United Artisans’ Association of Los Límites (ASOARTESANAS) and who works with Proyecto Tití, has been honored with a Conservation Hero Award from the Disney Conservation Fund. The award recognizes local citizens for their commitment to save wildlife, protect habitats and inspire their communities to take part in conservation efforts. 


“Today I am very proud and happy to have received this award, given to me by Disney. This is  great recognition for me as a female leader in my community who is dedicated to  conserving the environment and protecting cotton-top tamarin.  I am so proud that cotton-tops and I are here to represent the Caribbean region of Colombia!"  


About Ana

Ana grew up in the village of Los Límites with her parents and her four brothers. Even though she lived near the edge of the forest, she never knew about cotton-top tamarins until meeting with Proyecto Tití. She recalls that when she first started crocheting with plastic bags in her community, she never would have thought she’d have the great triumphs and achievements of today. “Today I am a very happy woman! I am proud of the work I have done during these 12 years, to help the conservation of cotton-top tamarins and reducing the amount of plastic polluting the environment.” Ana has learned new skills that have allowed her to empower others in her community, representing her organization in local, national, and international events, and becoming a leader that everyone in her community admires. “My life has changed for the better since I became involved with the eco-mochila program,” she states, describing herself as an entrepreneur and an empowered woman, dedicating her success to her co-workers, her family, and her children. 

 “I am so proud to be able to share our accomplishments and train more women to make a difference in the world.  I have made my community of Los Limites and other communities aware of and empowered to conserve cotton-top tamarins and their forest home.  I am a role model to other women and other associations demonstrating how you can make a difference in not only my own life, but in the lives of others."                                                                                                - Ana



The United Artisans’ Association of Los Límites (ASOARTESANAS) is an organization that came from community roots. In 2004, Proyecto Tití recruited 15 women from the village of Los Límites to create products from recycled materials. The goal was simple: conserve cotton-top tamarins and provide livelihoods for people. In doing so it would provide a bright future for both cotton-top tamarin conservation and for the people who shared the region with them. In 2006, ASOARTESANAS became a registered business in Colombia, and Ana was one of the founding artisans. 

ASOARTESANAS has trained over 300 artisans. The artisans are trained as businesswomen, spokeswomen, and conservation leaders for their communities. With her hard work, initiative, and dedication to the cause, Ana helped to form the board of directors and was elected as their president.


Proyecto Tití is proud to work with Ana and ASOARTESANAS. Together, they have reached out to many local communities about the importance of cotton-top conservation, and their efforts have done wonders for habitat restoration and public outreach. We plan to continue this partnership and help conserve the cotton-top tamarin with further generations of empowered local communities.

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Position Statement

Proyecto Tití's Position Statement on nonhuman primates in the Media

WHEREAS live nonhuman primates are often portrayed in the media as frivolous caricatures of humans, dressed in clothing and trained to do tricks on command for the amusement of the general public but with disregard to the welfare and conservation consequences; and
WHEREAS many nonhuman primates used as actors in movies and television and as photo props for commercials and greeting cards are often removed from their mothers shortly after birth and are denied opportunities for normal social and psychological development; and
WHEREAS the use of nonhuman primates in this industry often involves aversive techniques to maintain control of these animals; and
WHEREAS the inappropriate portrayal of nonhuman primates inaccurately conveys their biology and conservation status and may affect public attitudes including those in range countries where interactions with these animals have potential damaging consequences; and
WHEREAS evidence suggests that many nonhuman primate species are susceptible to many of the pathogenic infections that afflict humans and the transmission of infection can occur in both directions, especially in performing circumstances in which primates are in direct proximity with public audiences including children and the elderly,
Proyecto Titi Inc. and Fundacion Proyecto Titi therefore opposes the use of nonhuman primates as performers, photo props or actors.