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Proyecto Tití:
Conserving the
Cotton-top Tamarin
in Colombia
Cotton-top Tamarin

Click on the link above to check out an episode of National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles that presents a great overview of our conservation program in Colombia.



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Cotton-top tamarins are an endangered species of primate found only in the tropical forests of Colombia. Weighing about 1 pound, this tiny monkey needs our help in order to survive. Proyecto Tití is a conservation program that works to study cotton-top tamarins in their tropical forest habitat as well as educating local communities about the need to protect the biodiversity of Colombia. But, to make conservation economically feasible for many local communities, we have developed some innovative strategies to empower local people to get involved and benefit from conservation activities. You too, can help to support the conservation of cotton-top tamarins by learning more about this amazing animal and contributing to our program.


2013 Proyecto Tití Annual Report

Proyecto Tití is pleased to share our 2013 Annual Report (click this link to view report).  We have celebrated many accomplishments that would not have been possible without your continued generosity. 

"COTTON-TOP", another video from Federico Pardo Caicedo.


See video footage of cotton-top tamarins and our community programs in Colombia!

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